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Specialized Training & Consulting

Intercultural Quest LLC was founded in 2016 with a mission to engage individuals and organizations in a transformative understanding of intercultural principles and skills which equip them to successfully and meaningfully connect, communicate, and problem solve across cultures. 

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Intercultural Quest LLC Services

Proven and Practical Results


Intercultural Training

While challenging, it is possible to grow and develop cultural intelligence. It begins with awareness of one's own value system and motivations; followed by linking these to knowledge, skills, and experience which provide a lens of understanding. We offer effective intercultural learning workshops that can be customized to meet your personal and organizational needs. These trainings can be provided in English or Spanish.


Intercultural Skills Assessment Services

We offer various research-based assessments that are most effectively paired with training and coaching to achieve maximum growth and impact. While it is possible to develop cultural intelligence, it requires commitment, intentionality, and planning. These assessments can be widely applied and provide the platform for personalized development when linked with a growth plan.


Consulting and Coaching

When paired with assessment and training, follow-up coaching has been found to maximize the implementation of personal growth plans and action steps. 
We have consulted on a wide range of issues for both individuals and organizations.  Dealing with bias, intercultural differences, and unspoken expectations, can create conflict, stress, and uncertainty.  CEOs, HR Managers, teachers, medical personnel, and other leaders will all benefit from the capacity to make appropriate and insightful decisions.  Multiple studies show a direct impact on ROI when companies prioritize the development of intercultural skills and understanding. There are times when it is beneficial to have someone to help plan a way through challenges and identify how to leverage diversity towards a healthier and more productive future.

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Keynote Speaking

Solutions for Success

 At Intercultural Quest, we are passionate about equipping people with intercultural skills for their life journey. These skills and resulting empathy are vitally linked to most of the things we all value most in our societies, businesses, and friendships. We have years of keynote speaking experience that spans various continents and languages. Connect with us and let's talk about creating a customized experience for your event.

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Dr. Jessie Ritchey has a rich and unique cultural and linguistic background and a proven record in all things cultural!  I’ve benefited directly from Jessie’s counsel in circumstances complicated by intercultural nuance, observed her expertly equipping school faculty members for effective adaptation to a new cultural setting, and admired her facility in connecting with other members on a culturally diverse board.  Jessie’s knowledge, cultural intelligence, and professional competencies position her to positively impact individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their effectiveness in intercultural contexts.

Dr. David A. Wells

Executive Consultant and Principal

GLOBAL School Consulting Group

Dr. Ritchey brings decades of international, multicultural experiences, stories, and learning that not only developed competencies and growth in her students, but in our team of faculty and staff as well. Her desire to assess and make outcome and data-driven decisions through the lens of culture is exceptional. Dr. Ritchey is a humble learner, prepared educator and trainer, and skilled communicator, particularly to settings full of diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and frames of thought. She is masterful at creating openness and an expert in guiding discussion around challenging and complex cultural realities, problems, and solutions.

Bryan Cole, Ed.D
In-Country Director – Living & Learning

(study abroad program with 30+ partners)

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