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Jessie Ritchey

Intercultural Consultant and Facilitator

Jessie is a seasoned intercultural consultant and facilitator with extensive experience in multiple intercultural settings. Having lived and worked for extended time in seven countries on four continents, she is passionate about helping others develop understanding and skills for connecting and leading within our global reality. Her interactive  teaching and coaching skills knit together theory, broad intercultural experience, and attention to the local realities and needs of the individual or organization. One of the motivations that propels her work is the belief that strong intercultural skills provide us all with an understanding of our own biases and offer us tangible tools for walking in greater empathy within our communities.

Experience & Expertise

Jessie has lived 85% of her life in settings where she was not a citizen. This unique vantage point developed an early intercultural lens through which to observe the world. The addition of academic studies became the means by which to analyze, organize and explain to others these fascinating threads that link us as sojourners on this earth.


  • Doctorate of Intercultural Studies

  • Advanced CQ Certified Facilitator, Cultural Intelligence Center, LLC

  • Unconscious Bias Certified Trainer, Cultural Intelligence Center, LLC

  • IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory) Certified Administrator

  • ESOL trained with 4 years of teaching experience

  • Engaged in extensive study of 3 languages and shorter intensives of 3 others/Language Coach Training


  • Cultural Adaptation Trainer and Language Acquisition Coach (2005-Present)

  • International Deployment Consultant within South and Central America

  • Adjunct Professor of Intercultural Communication on graduate and undergraduate level in 10+ countries

  • Director of Intercultural Studies Graduate Program FATELA 2005-2010

  • Trained/consulted in 25+ countries

  • Speaks English, French, Spanish and Susu

  • Served on 3 international school boards and several international research committees

  • Served on various Multicultural, Diversity, and Justice Task Forces

Sample Workshops

  • Cultural Intelligence 101: A Thriver's Guide--Pre-deployment orientations for NGO

  • Faculty Intercultural Orientation--International school--Quito, Ecuador

  • Intercultural Communication Knowledge to Enhance Work with Immigration Clients--UGA Continuing Education Course

  • Bringing Intercultural Competence to Your Campus--GAIE Annual Conference 

  • Diversity Awareness: Understanding Stereotypes--In-service North Atlanta High School

  • Tools for Negotiating Intercultural Communication and Collaboration--Workshop for Clergy

  • International Mindedness: Developing Intercultural Competencies--In-service for two Atlanta schools

  • Using Stories to Build Intercultural Empathy: A Model for Understanding Intention and Broadening Explanation--workshop at SIETAR National Conference

  • Maximizing Intercultural Teams--delivered in Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Chile, Peru, Spain, Paraguay, Indonesia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Germany, Senegal, France

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